Cotton Candy

A tasty treat that is fun to make as well as eat. We have two flavors to choose from. Silly Nilly Vanilla and Boo Blue Raspberry. Depending on size of order you can pick from one of the flavors or get a mix of the two. With your order you will get the cotton candy floss and cones for the quantity ordered.

Popcorn Machine

Our popcorn machines are very easy to use. Just turn them on add the popcorn and butter from the provided packages and wait a few minutes and you’re ready to eat. We provide the packages of popcorn and butter along with bags to put the popcorn in. Supplies available in quantities of 50.

Sno-Cone Machine

We have three flavors to choose from. Wild Cherry, Blue Raspberry, or Bubble Gum. Depending on the quantities ordered you will get to choose at least two flavors. You will get the syrups and cones to fill your order. We do not provide ice. You will need approx. half a pound for each serving.

Inflatable Midway

Make your event complete with this beautiful carnival booth. Have it set up with our matching inflatable games or use some of our others. Even great for concession equipment or an informational booth.

Spin Art

Place the paper into the spinner, turn it on then drop the paint onto the paper. When you’re done out comes a work of art.

Infl. Stop Light

Toss the ball and get it to stay in the Red, Yellow, or Green areas and win.

Infl. Steer Clear

Throw the rings onto the bulls horns and win. This one is easier said than done.

Infl. Alien Invasion

Shoot the planets with the Nerf gun and save the Universe, or at least win a prize. A lot of fun and good for all ages. Nerf guns incl.

Treasure Chest

Grab A key from the bucket and try to unlock the Treasure Chest. If it opens, you win!

Skee Ball

Roll your balls up the ramp and into the different scoring slots.

Ring Toss

Toss the rings onto the posts to win a prize.


A mini version of the game made famous by “The Price is Right” Drop your chips into the top and watch them bounce around till they land in the numbered slots at the bottom.

Ping Pong Ball Toss

Toss the ping pong balls into the pool, if you land one in the floating cups you win.

Over Under Drop

Toss a ball down then guess if the next ball will land in a number higher or lower that the previous ball.

Mini Basketball

Come and see what your basketball skills are with our mini basketball game.

Milk Bottle Toss

Set up the Milk Bottles then toss the Cows at them to knock them over.

Lollipop Tree

Choose from a variety of Lollipop Trees to best meet your carnival needs.

Hockey Shot

Take aim and shoot the puck into the open slots to win.

Frog Fling

Place your frog on the launching pad then smack the other end to send it flying to the other side of the pond.

Frisbee Fish

Toss the Frisbee into the hungry fish to win.

Fat Cats

Throw the bean bags to knock down the Fat Cats to win.

Duck Pond

Grab a Duck to see what number it has on it which corresponds to a prize.

Colorful Ball Toss

Set your prizes based on the colors on the board. Then toss the ball in and see what you win.

Clown Toss

We have two styles to choose from. Throw the bean bags that we provide through the holes to win.


The Pins and Ball are lighter that your standard bowling equipment making it fun for all ages.

Animal Hoop Toss

Try and throw a hoop around Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat, or Scooby Doo.

3 In A Row

Toss the balls into the game. If you get 3 In A Row you win.

Trackless Train

Painted with bright colors for all to enjoy. Our train was constructed with a sturdy steel frame wrapped in sheet metal and each car has a canopy to help shade the riders from the Arizona sun. You won’t find any barrels or wooden boxes here.

High Striker

Step right up and test your strength. A great addition to any party, carnival, or church festival.

27 Foot Dual Lane Slide

This IS the largest and steepest slide in town. If you’re looking for a rush this slide is for you. There is a minimum height of 52”. This slide is perfect for kids and adults that meet the height requirement.

24 Foot Dual Lane Slide

As one of the largest slides in town it is easy to say that it will be a big hit at any event. This slide is perfect for kids 3-adults.

20 Foot Dual Lane Slide

This dual lane slide has two entries and two sets of stairs. These features help create a better flow for the kids and adults. They also allow for a race if desired. This slide is perfect for kids 3-adults.

Velcro Wall

Put the suit on, bounce and see how well you stick to the 13’ high wall. This is a great crowd pleaser. Good for backyards, schools, churches, and company picnics. Good fun for kids, teens, and smaller adults.

Joust Arena

Batter up! Watch the ball float in mid air then swing and hit it into one of the holes in the backdrop. This game is a real hit with the kids. Good for backyards, schools, churches, and company picnics.

Hoop Mania

Test your hoop skills on this full size inflatable. Each hoop is at regulation height for that real basketball feel. Good for backyards, schools, churches, and company picnics. Suitable for all ages.

Bungee Run

Strap in and run as hard as you can to place your bean bag as far up the run as possible before the bungee hurls you backwards. Good for backyards, schools, churches, and company picnics. Fun for kids, teens, and adults.

40 Foot Obstacle Course

This two lane obstacle course is packed with fun. 40’ of climbing, sliding, ducking, and dodging. Good for backyards, schools, churches, and company picnics.

80 Foot Turbo Rush Obstacle

The Turbo Rush offers 10 intensely challenging obstacles in each 80’ lane. At 20’ tall it is the tallest 360 obstacle on the market. Good for schools, churches, and company picnics.

30 Foot Slip-n-Slide

Here is a new twist on an old favorite.  Instead of running and diving onto the hard ground you dive and slide on a cushion of air.  Besides the space for the unit itself you will also need enough room to get a good running start.  This unit can accommodate adults as well as kids.